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The Super Cars Show at the Oman Motor Club under the patronage of the Sandan Development Company

Under the patronage of the Sandan Development Company, and with the participation of the Super CarsMajlis of the United Arab Emirates, a luxury car show was organized at the Muscat 2017 Festivalat the Oman Motor Club on Friday evening.
A large number of people came to enjoy the show, which included nearly 40 Supercars. Supercar members have started their journey to the Sultanate from Thursday and expected to be in Oman until Saturday, as part of the tour program.
CEO of Sandan Development Company,said: “Sandan supports such sporting activities mainly due to the fact that the Sandan Light Industrial City will include the largest gathering of car enthusiasts in the Sultanate, with a capacity of 1000 cars. It will be the first of its kind destination in the Sultanate of Oman.
All types of workshops of various sizes and specifications including a lot of services and facilitieslike washing and lubrication of vehicles, maintenance workshops, spare parts, tires and car accessoriesshops will be made available.