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The opening of the branch of the International Safety Way Logistics Company in Sandan Industrial City

A continuation of its expansion vision in promoting commercial activities in Sandan Industrial City, the branch of the International Safety Way Company specialized in the logistics sector was opened under the patronage of Mr. Ali Hassan Suleiman, CEO of Sandan Development Company, at the company’s headquarters in Sandan Industrial City.
The opening of this branch in the Sultanate of Oman comes as a kind of operations to attract international companies specialized in the logistical sector carried out by Sandan Industrial City by attracting many commercial opportunities that can be practiced in Sandan Industrial City, and in line with the Sultanate’s directions in enabling the Sultanate’s presence in the global logistics sector map. The activities of the logistics sector in general, in terms of export, import and warehousing in particular, have expanded, thus enhancing the Sultanate’s share in the logistics sector in general. And in order to strengthen the branches of the International Safety Way Company distributed in the countries of the world in the United States, China, the Gulf countries and Egypt, the Safety Way Company will provide logistical services in an integrated manner by shipping the outgoing and incoming goods through the Sultanate’s sea, air and land ports and bringing them in its own warehouses and then distributing and re-exporting to All countries of the year, Hassan Yahya, General Manager of Safety Way Company, said that the Sultanate was chosen to be one of the branches of the company due to the Sultanate’s strategic location overlooking the Indian Ocean and global trade routes, as well as the safety and peace enjoyed by the Sultanate as a friendly and brotherly country as well as the availability of an integrated industrial city. Such as Sandan Industrial City and other factors that motivated us to open a branch of the company in the Sultanate of Oman, as well as in line with the Sultanate of Oman’s tendencies to expand the logistics sector in general.
Sandan Industrial City was chosen to be the headquarters of the company as it is an integrated industrial city characterized by many advantages and high organization that distinguishes it from the rest of the industrial cities, as well as its design according to the highest quality standards and in line with international industrial cities as well as the competitive advantages that exist in the city and the distinctive location that is in between The governorates of Muscat and Al Batinah North and South and other advantages of Sandan Industrial City.