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Despite the challenges, Sandan Park is a model for unusual projects in the Sultanate of Oman

CEO of Sandan Development Company, participated in the 3rd Oman Real Estate Conference which was held at the Grand Millennium. The conference reviewed the opportunities in the real estate sector in Oman and gave solutions for the challenges facing in this sector. His highness Sultan bin Said Al Habsi Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Planning sponsored the opening of the conference.

CEO presented a paper on the challenges facing the unusual projects (Sandan Project as an example). He discussed the most legal, financial and technical challenges which are: The preliminary study was conducted on local and foreign industrial markets to reach the best design that serves investors and Business owners.

The second challenge was about the design of the Industrial Park of Sandan in a record period, to be suitable for all users, investors and business owners of the Park in term of practical flexibility of the units and its facilities.

The third challenge was to prepare the site by removing and replacing the soil buried in the land of the project as it is not suitable for building. Then provide the soil suitable for construction by engineering methods which are approved globally, in quantities not less than one million cubic meters taking into account the time of the project submission.

The fourth challenge was the selection of an efficient contractor with the standards of experience, quality and speed of construction to build the park. The fifth challenge was the project implementation period which was contacting investors and business owners to know the observations about the project and study them. That contributed significantly to cover important points during the project implementation period, such as: conducting studies and research to provide additional solutions that will help in the future to manage Sandan Park in a smooth and comfortable manner that will provide comfort to the park`s users and visitors, also minimizing administrative and financial burdens of the park’s operation. For example: Sandan engineers is currently studying and analyzing some proposals in order to make Sandan Industrial Park a smart park, such as: using a pre-paid water meter, using a smart security system, managing and controlling chemical waste, adding sewage treatment plant, also working on fiber networks.

In addition, add some modifications and additions to the design during the construction period to provide more suitable services for investors and customers, for example: changing the size of the entrance of the workshops to be suitable for the use of manual or automatic doors and rearranging some of the internal areas to make them more suitable for users. All of the above resulted in additional financial and time constraints during the period of implementation of the project, which made a significant challenge to deliver the project at the agreed time and cost and investors were not affected by this.

Due to the additional work mentioned above, Sandan has taken precautionary measures with the contractor to increase the number of workers to 1900 and to increase the number of working hours to 16 hours (from 6 am to 10 pm) in order to deliver the project to investors who put their trust in Sandan.