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At the end of Sandan Cup … His Excellency Sheikh Rashid Al Shamsi: We highly appreciate the support of Sandan Development Company to this tournament.

Organized by Halban Team subordinating to the Youth Committee of Nakhal State, Sandan Cup Draw was executed in Halban with the participation of 32 teams. In the final of the tournament, Shaikh Rashid Al Shamsi, Vice-Chairman of the Shura Council, awarded the Cup of Sandan Tournament held in Halban town to Solgan Team. After celebration, His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmed Al-Shamsi, Vice-President of the Shura Council, said:“We are honored with the participation of the people of Nokhol State in the opening of Halban Sports Team`s playground as well as the conclusion of Sandan Football Tournament. We also appreciate their efforts and cooperation in the good preparation for the tournament.I was attracted by the good and accurate organization of the event and the cooperation between people whether the old or the youth.In addition, we appreciate the contribution of Sandan Development Company to the success of this tournament, which was reflected positively on the local community throughthe private sector`s support for the physical activity and encouraging the community to practice sports. We noticed players` high levels and good physical performance during the conclusion of the tournament,where a couple of youth teams were enrolled and appeared in a good football skill performance.We would like to thank Towell Company for financing the establishment of the playground, and the rest of the local small and medium establishments for their participation in the success of the tournament. In turn, this is a part of the private sector`s contributions to supporting social responsibility initiatives and strengthens their relationship with the local community. Finally, I wishfor the sons of Halban continuous success in their upcoming events and activities in order to optimize the utilization of such sports projects needed by sports teams”. Ahmed Abdullah Saied Al Jabri, the Captain of Halban Team, said:“Sandan Cup 2017 was launched in October.It was organized by Halban Sports-Cultural Team with the participation of 32 teams from different states of the Sultanate. This tournament was officially sponsored by Sandan Development Company. The team has been preparing for this tournament for nearly 3 months in order to be organized in the best possible way, to be admired by the participating teams as well as the contributing companies and to be held annually, God willing. Thanks to God, we did not receive any complaints from the participating teams throughout the 64 games, but we received many letters of admiration and satisfaction with organization. Finally, I would like to thank my teammate organizers for their good cooperation and teamwork to highlight this event.Great thanks are also totournament`sofficial sponsor and other sponsors”.