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70% of the construction works have been accomplished in the first Light Industrial Park in Oman

Sandan Development Company held a press conference at its headquarters in Al-Azaiba, where it announced the completion of 70% of the construction works of the Light Industrial Park in Oman and the process of these construction is going according to the plan. His Excellency Mohammed Bin Sulaiman Al Kindi, Chairman of Sandan Development Company, highlighted the most important stages of implementation. He pointed out that the support received by various governmental and private institutions has contributed significantly to achieve the largest percentage in the determined time of submission. He mentioned Sandan position and its investment and economic significance as one of the qualitative projects that have received the support and blessing of various parties, especially the Ministry of Housing. His Excellency added, “The project units will be submitted to the investors in the third quarter of 2018 according to the agreed schedule. He asserted that the company is committed to submit on time. 1000 units have been completed and other units will be completed to be a living model for investors in Sandan Park. His Excellency emphasized on the role played by the government in supporting this type of national projects in order to diversify the sources of income and encourage the private sector to establish its various investment projects that can add value to the national economy. In addition, the government gives support to diversify sources of income and invest opportunities and possibilities. He said that the project will provide investment areas and allows the owners of small and medium enterprises to implement their various projects. CEO of Sandan Development, said: “regarding to the challenges and difficulties that may the project face during the implementation period, he said: Despite the challenges that faced the project, especially about soil and other technical aspects, the company has used all its efforts to overcome these difficulties and made sure to invest all the material and human resources in order to achieve the highest quality in the facilities and services of the project. This is one of the goals and trends that are always emphasized to execute the project. He added that the company invested by the soil compression and upgrading the park to avoid the effects of Rain in geometrical methods that approved globally, in quantities not less than one million cubic meters. In addition, studies and researches have been conducted to provide additional solutions that will help in the future to manage Sandan Park in a smooth and comfortable manner. This will provide comfort for the park`s users and customers and minimizing the administrative and financial burden of managing the park. This will also make it a smart park through the smart technologies that the park will provide to its investors. As for the level of services provided by the project, the company`s CEO said: “We wanted Sandan Light Industrial Park to be a standard model in terms of service level. In this sense, the park will include a sewage treatment plant, fiber optic network for internet and many features that will make the park one of the most beautiful private industrial parks in the region. He added that in order to meet the date of submission, it was agreed with the contractor to increase the number of workers to 2000 workers and increase the number of working hours to 16 hours, in order to deliver the project to investors who put their trust in Sandan. Sandan Park is located on an area of ​​250 thousand square meters and contains 2400 workshops, showrooms for used cars and building materials in addition to 450 offices and 1800 residential units. It is a 100% Omani project and the park’s population expected to reach 10000 person.