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  • عبّروا عن اهتمامكم

Used Car market in the Sultanate of Oman

In the Sultanate of Oman, there is a huge and large market for used cars in the industrial city of Madinat Sandan, in Halban. This market is characterized by its large size, which contains more than fifty car showrooms that provide different types of cars with different models in various brands, and the market of Madinat Sandan is one of the most active markets in the Sultanate. It is attractive and lively in terms of buying power in the market. The market is also distinguished by its location overlooking the Muscat Expressway, as well as easy access from all the Governorates of the Sultanate. The market is also equipped with accessories, parts, service centers, exhibitions, and auctions. Sandan Industrial City also provides one-stop services represented by banks, finance companies and insurance companies that greatly facilitate the buying and selling operations in the market, with the presence of shops, maintenance workshops, paints, car decorations and others. Service facilities such as cafes, restaurants, and other stores. Madinat Sandan is working to lead the market through offers and promotions for the ultimate benefit of the citizens and residents of Oman.