Sandan Development LLC

Sandan was established in January 26, 2016 as a leading real estate development company in the Sultanate of Oman. Sandan is always keen to establish projects in various fields serving vast majority of people. Besides activating the Omani market economy, taking both investors’ wishes and the trends in the real estate market into consideration; this can only be done after a comprehensive market study based on real statistics, keeping up with the latest updates in the field of real estate since Sandan focuses on preparing feasibility studies for projects and investment opportunities. The Directorate for Real Estate Development at the Ministry of Housing is overseeing projects held by Sandan.


Sandan projects are based on creativity with view to establish highly beneficial and crucial projects serving all community classes. Further, the company pays special attention to planning for these projects as it continuously conduct comprehensive market studies based on real statistics, keeping up with latest trends in Real Estate industry. Sandan is characterized by valuable achievements as it is committed to work completion according to carefully designed plans.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As Sandan always believes it is one part of the society, it created number of socially responsible projects as follows:Taking the sponsorship and providing support to the 46th National Day activities committee in Nakhal,Providing Air conditioners to the Public Majlis for the people of Alhijar village at wadi Mastil, Taking the sponsorship of the first Nakhal Band Theatre Festival,
 besides the Third Orphans and people with special needs Forum,Sandan has also funded the weeding of Star Team sports and cultural stadium, contributed in the weeding process of Taratan Stadium at Alkhalil bin Shathan School, and fenced a cemetery located in Halban.