Sandan hosts the officers` entrepreneurship workshop at the site of Sandan Industrial City

The Sandan Industrial City hosted a workshop for the officers to

acquaint them with the details of the the first light industrial city

project in the Sultanate. During the workshop, all aspects related to

the project were discussed, a tour to the project site was made to

see the construction work closely. At the end of the visit, Colonel

Zaher bin Sulaiman bin Majid Al Fahdi, Project Manager, Armed Forces

Headquarters, presented a souvenir to Saeed bin Nasser Al Rashidi,

CEO of Sandan Development. On his opinion and vision, Colonel Zaher

Bin Sulaiman Bin Majid Al-Fahdi, Project Manager, Armed Forces

Headquarters, said: "Sandan project is one of the projects that

creates competition in the market and therefore such projects are

generally in the interest of the country, And I hope that the next

stages of the project in other parts of the Sultanate and be on this

pattern is an industrial zones and markets integrated so that the

customer has all the options easily and there is competition in

prices and thus gives him the opportunity to compare in terms of

quality and prices "

Colonel Rashid bin Hamed Al Kalbani, Retired Commander of the Royal

Army of Oman commented on the visit to the Industrial City of Sandan,

saying: "It was a good opportunity to visit the project site of

Sandan Industrial City, which will represent a tributary of the

national economy. The project, which we wish him all the success and

I expect to be a project that resonates and impact on the national

economy in general "
As seen by d. Eng. Ibrahim Bin Ali Bin Salem Al Kindi, Director of

Muscat Sector in Engineering Services at the Ministry of Defense,

said that Sandan City project is one of the most promising projects.

"In fact, Sandan is a promising project, God willing, and it has

certainly been launched after conducting all the necessary economic

studies. The project site is located close to the highway and between

the most densely populated areas, and we hope that this project is

successfully completed and will be added to Amman`s economic pillars"
D. Engineer Sulaiman bin Salim bin Nasser Al Busaidi, Senior Manager

of the Armed Forces Sultan Hospital Hospital in Al-Khod, sees in

Sandan the appropriate platform to support entrepreneurs. "The Sandan

City project is one of the most promising projects that will help

entrepreneurs in the Sultanate. To look for industrial goods and

services, and we hope that the expansion of the project is successful

and we wish all the success and success in the next stages of the

project. "
Sandan City Meeting with Omantel to discuss Smart City solutions in

order to create a smart and safe environment in the industrial city

of Sandan with the various technologies offered by Smart City.
The meeting of the management of Sandan City with directors of Kamiji

Ramdas Group to present details of the industrial city of Sandan as

part of the cooperation and investment plan in the first integrated

city for light industry in the Sultanate.
Sandan development participated in the vocational educational

exhibition accompanying the Third Educational Festival at Sultan

Qaboos University under the patronage of Dr. Ali Bin Huishil Al

Shuaile, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs in

cooperation with the Career Guidance Center, In order to provide the

possibilities available to students after graduation.