Within Global Finance International Sandan wins the Best Emerging Real Estate Company Award in Oman for 2017

Sandan Development Company won the award of the Best Emerging Real

Estate Company in Oman for 2017 in the annual awards list of

International Finance International for the most prominent companies

in several areas of business activity. Where the award ceremony was

held in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Commenting

on the achievement, CEO of Sandan Development,

said: "We are very pleased with this achievement and with receiving

one of the Annual International Finance Magazine Awards, dedicated to

the best performing companies, though only few years have passed from

its inception. This is considered an indicator of our commitment to

work and high standards in the projects, in addition to modeling

current and future plans through which we work to support the

national economy and contribute to the advancement of development by

establishing projects of economic and social feasibility. On this

stance, I thank the customers of Sandan, its employees and everyone

who contributed to this achievement”

John Joseph, the finance manager of Sandan declared, “Sandan

Development is proud to announce that it has been named the" Best

Emerging Real Estate Company in Oman for 2017 "by International

Finance Magazine, London. The celebration was hosted by Oman Oil

Company for Exploration and Production (OOCEP) at Jumeirah Emirates

Tower in Dubai .Sandan has been selected from among 9 other

candidates. The award recognizes the innovative aspect of Sandan`s

real estate projects, which have become key standards for other

companies in this sector. Sandan is continuing with construction work

in the Sandan light Industries city project. It has completed 100% of

the structural work and will start in the work of metal roofing and

electromechanical and infrastructure of the project, so that the

project can be delivered in the third quarter of 2018.

The awards are organized by International Finance magazine, one of

the world`s leading financial decision makers, designed to celebrate

excellence in the international financial sector, which contributes

to making a difference and adding value through innovative ideal

performance. This excellence includes initiatives related to

corporate social responsibility, governance, and other initiatives

that have a positive impact on the global financial community.