Sandan Development participates in the First Exhibition of Smart & Solar Office Supplies for Buildings, Houses and Cities

Under the auspices of His Excellency Hilal Bin Nasser Al-Sidrani, Member of the Shura Council and the Representative of Sohar State, Sandan Development Company

participated in the First Exhibition of Smart&Solar Office Supplies for Buildings, Houses and Cities specializing in the installation of remote control systems in

smart buildings, offices and homes in the Sultanate`s state of Sohar. The Exhibition organized by Wadi El Nil Company for the Organization of Exhibitions &Festivals

aims at introducing the meaning of smart buildings and offices as well asthe solar power companies operating in the Sultanate, which supply and install solar panels

in factories, commercial projects and houses, and reviewing the size of savings in electrical power.

The participation came through a review of studies on a better future for the city and making it more sustainable throughthe usageof solar energy for heating and

lighting, energy-saving lamps and sewage recycling, and thereby significantly reducing resource depletion. In addition, the architectural design of the city allows

for better use of daylight.The project utilizesthe best industrial standards in the design and provision of basic services such as fiber optic linkage, central

sewerage networks and rainwater management.

The idea of establishing a ready mix plant in the site as well as the existing laboratories aims to reduce costs, traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

Health and safety require that the site shall be free of wood and metal waste resulting from construction activities. Therefore, the contractor uses modern and

sophisticated methods to minimize this waste, such as using ready molds and other systems. In this way, the project contributes to a better sustainabilitysuch asthe

reductionof carbon emissions by reusing the same tools throughout the project term and through recycling as well.

Sandan will focus on providing and implementing special services in the city by classifying the types of produced waste and managing them in a better way to the

environment, such as the disposal of oil, wood, tires and metal waste in an organized and effective manner.